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About Us

IntoxiCakes specializes in cupcakes inspired by popular cocktails.  Our cupcakes are infused with actual spirits to promote pronounced distinct flavors.  Our premium cupcakes are made to order, baked from scratch and crafted with quality spirits to create an unparalleled sophisticated dessert experience.  Our business is exciting because we are transforming the way people enjoy cupcakes and bringing a more elevated and mature flavor profile to a pastry that continues to evolve.  We love utilizing creativity, enthusiasm for spirits and passion for baking to create a truly innovative and indulgent experience for our customers.

Alcohol Infused Cupcakes & Dessert Catering Service in Chicago, Illinois

IntoxiCakes are a great dessert option for the following occasions:

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions

  • Graduation, Promotion and Retirement Parties

  • Industry Events or Product Launches

  • Office Treats, Corporate Meetings, Conferences or Team Building Activities

  • Networking Events and other social activities.

  • Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties and Girls Night Out

  • Baby Showers and Gender Reveal Parties

  • Brunch, Dinner or Cocktail Parties or House Warming

  • Theme or Holiday Parties 

  • IntoxiCakes can also be packaged individually as a gift for clients, friends and family.

Our Story


IntoxiCakes was created from the enthusiasm and love for entertaining, a great cocktail and delicious cake.  Our owner, Kamilah White has a great passion for bringing people together through good food, especially dessert.  She is a self-taught baker who started making cakes out of a box for potlucks, birthdays and holidays parties for friends and family and evolved to build a unique and ingenious Cupcake focused catering business.  She loves to come up with innovative, delightful and alluring flavors.  She transforms popular cocktails and spirits into delectable cupcakes.  By employing the use of actual spirits in her recipes, she brings a different, more enhanced, unique and adult experience to cupcakes which are traditionally focused on a younger audience.  Recognizing the lack of high quality liquor infused desserts, she seeks to revolutionize and institute more adventurous and risk-taking cupcakes and transform them into an adult treat.

Our Story

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